• Make a Silk Peel: A Botanical Bundle Dye Workshop

Make a Silk Peel: A Botanical Bundle Dye Workshop

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June 1, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

311 W Broad St. 

Join FIELD + Silk Peel for an afternoon workshop led by Silk Peel owner, Devin Harclerode.
Botanical Bundle Dyeing is a natural dye method in which one scatters and steams raw dyestuffs such as petals, herbs, woodchips, and vegetables onto natural fibers . The result is bright, variegated and  dreamy.
As part of the workshop, participants will learn how to bundle dye, how to forage and harvest for natural dyestuffs in Richmond, and the material histories of certain natural dyes.
Participants will leave with a 21” x 21” Silk Habotai scarf that they have designed and dyed. 
// Drinks and Snacks Provided // Parking Available on Site //
Devin Harclerode is a transdiscplinary artist based in Richmond, VA. Harclerode holds an MFA in Painting + Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University, and a BFA in Painting from The University of Florida. She has taught as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Weber State University and the University of Florida She has exhibited nationally including in New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR, and Miami, FL. 
Silk Peel is a commission-based curtain project. The curtains are hand dyed with natural dyestuffs, made in raw silk, silk organza, or cotton and quilted using a reversible seam. Working collaboratively, the curtains are designed, dyed, and fitted to exact spaces.