Contemporary Weddings

FIELD specializes in the unconventional, the refined and the modern. We conceptualize and design special events for couples in Richmond, Charlottesville, DC and beyond.

As a design studio, our ethos is rooted in the notion of mono no aware, an idea from Japanese aesthetics that refers to our awareness of the impermanence of things. As a result, FIELD is rooted in a celebration of the now, which means we believe every wedding should be aesthetically distinct and visually captivating.

With every wedding, we offer a distinct, one-of-a-kind aesthetic concept. We approach floral design with an experimental ethos, elevating your wedding look to the level of art. At the same time, we prize sustainable floral practices to the best of our ability, partnering with local growers and avoiding the use of floral foam and toxic chemicals in our design work. If you’re looking for a lush tablescape or dramatic ceremony installation that rises above the standard or traditional, FIELD may be the right fit for you.